SMASH sessions: My Aaptiv addition

“Hey Kate, want to lock in a smash session Sunday morning?”   It was only after I sat down to write this post, and had finished my first glass of red, that I realized others reading this might associate a completely different activity to the term SMASH session (I love you Kate, just not like that). And hey, if I was single (or am I? 😉 …. no, I definitely am)  it might mean something else to me too.  I might like to think I’m classier than to use the term “smash” to describe my sex life, but who knows, it’s been so long…

A SMASH session to me, is any workout that you walk away dripping in so much sweat you fill a small child’s swimming pool. Your body aches, your hearts racing, but you are overcome with a huge sense of achievement.. and exhaustion.  You pushed yourself, you tried your best, whatever that be.  You showed up.

Over the past year or two, my “following” list on Instagram has increasingly grown and my feed overtaken with more and more ordinary women who are killing their own personal fitness story.  They are inspiring to say the least.

If I reflect on my own fitness journey, sure, I have always incorporated activity in my life, and as an adult showed up to the gym a few times a week.  But what that looked like a few years ago, is very different to how it looks now. A few years ago, it was 30 minutes on the elliptical 3 times a week, while I watch teen mom.  Doesn’t even sound like work, so sure, sign me up.   Don’t get my wrong, there is nothing wrong with 30 minutes on the elliptical (or teen mom), just moving your body is fucking fantastic, and for a long time that’s all I really did. Occasionally I’ll still do it, but it’s likely to be more of a Sunday rest day, then a smash session for me.

It wasn’t until about three years ago, when I got sick and ended up in hospital for an autoimmune disease (another post for another day) that things changed for me.  I was prescribed some pretty hardcore steroids (ha, i just realised this post follows one about Arnie hitting on me), and for those that I have been on steroids you know the toll they can take on your body: bloating, weight gain, generally feeling gross, and the desire to drink prune juice the same way you drank Vodka Smirnoff when you were 18 (funnel anyone? – I’M JOKING!!).

Steroids for 9 weeks, and the eventual realisation that moving to NYC and enjoying all the fruits that NYC has to offer (and by fruits I mean everything bagels, chicken wings, and alcohol, lots of alcohol) had taken a hold of my body, was extremely confronting.  I was barely fitting into the size of clothes that I’ve worn pretty much all of my life, and regularly blaming the apartment building laundry room for shrinking EVERYTHING I own (crazy how my sheets never shrunk though?).

I am also fairly impressionable, somewhat easily influenced, and slightly competitive (slightly?… let’s go for that).  If I think it’s going to improve me in someway, and it’s achievable, I’ll probably do it.  The guy I was dating at the time had 8% body fat (he told me that by the way, who does that?) and was a complete rig (we stopped seeing each other, when I asked one afternoon after about 10 months of dating, to go to happy hour with him, his response “sure, we just need to line it up in advance so the other girls I’m seeing aren’t there at the time” Ugh.).  He ate 8 eggs for breakfast and exercised like a beast.  I was in awe (or jealous? of the rig, not the girls) – I HAD to pick up my game.

Overtime my fitness game has increased, but I am still nowhere near where I would like to be, but I’ll keep going.  When it comes to training now, and what I do, there are a few different programs and people I follow.   Aaptiv, it just one of them.

Aaptiv is one of my favourite go to’s.  A fitness lifesaver for all the days when I can’t be bothered, or the look of a dumbbell is turning me off.  Maybe I’m travelling and I have access to very little or basic gym equipment, but I try not to miss a day, it helps balance my sugar addiction and keep me sane.  I’ve told so many of my friends about this app.

Aaptiv is an online training, music driven, audio workout and I. AM.  ADDICTED.  Whilst they offer a bunch of different types of workouts, personally I use the app to pick up my running game with all tread work outs.  You could even argue the app and trainers have taught me to run, because prior to discovering this app,  I avoided running at all costs.  I imagine I looked somewhat like this too…

giphy.gifSpeaking of Dinosaurs, how GOOD is Jurassic Park?! (this is not a question, the movies are all obviously really fucking good, oh except one, there’s one I was like.. well that didn’t really do it for me). 

giphy (3)

giphy (2)

Anyway, I digress..

Aaptiv costs about $15 bucks a month, and the interface is incredibly simple and easy to use.  You download the app, sign up, and the have 2400 workouts at your disposal.  When you have something in mind, you can search for it, based on the trainer, type of workout, time you have available, music, or difficulty.

So here’s what you need to know:

  • You can find everything at, or search for Aaptiv in the app store to download.
  • The app costs $14.99 per month which if you ask me (you didn’t, but here is my opinion anyway) is super affordable given you have multiple trainers in your ears, and new workouts are released every week, continually bringing a new challenge.
  • I am a pretty religious devotee to the smooth sounds of Ackeem Emmonds, a NYC based trainer that has a large selection of running and strength sessions available on the app. You can find him on Insta as ackntstp.  #DntStp (you’ll be 45 minutes into an intermediate run, and he will call you out for your poor form, or gripping your fists.  He knows, EVERY TIME, and every time it blows my mind, how?) 
  • Favourite Ackeem workouts:  At the moment, I mostly stay within the intermediate level workouts, and enjoy almost all his tread stuff, but Power in Repetition is a favourite.  I get the sprinting I enjoy, but also focus on endurance which I hate, but know I need.
  • You can try Aaptiv for a 30 day free trial – a no regrets move.
  • Aaptiv’s website also has a BMI and calorie calculator (As I just discovered while writing this.  It’s super helpful if you are looking to just calculate basic calorie needs for losing / maintaining / gaining weight) – it does not calculate macro’s if that is specifically what you are looking for.)

So thank you Aaptiv for always being in my ears on every run.  Except when I drop the phone on the treadmill and it flies across the room.  This happens to me far more than it should, and it’s embarrassing, why haven’t I bought those cordless earphone yet? #teamaaptiv #dntstp

Love Always, Elise x

PS. Clearly going to watch the Jurassic Park moives for the 1000+ time now.. 

giphy (4).gif

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