Could you Influencer any more? : Fab Fit Fun Summer box

For my first couple of years in New York, I was desperately single, my friendship group was also still only forming, so that doesn’t always help.  But just being single seemed to be my excuse at any point in time to “treat yo self”.  You know, when no one else is going to…

I quickly found that I had a new addiction, a subscription box addiction.  I dated a guy for a while who pointed out that I would have much more money if i cancelled just 2 of the subscriptions I had.  It didn’t work out between us…

I’ve been a Fab Fit Fun (FFF) customer for a few years now, and for most of that time, our relationship has been stable.  Everything I ask for out of a subscription box, it gives me.  But recently our relationship hit a rocky patch.  FFF was getting too loose, gallivanting around with too many full time influencers.   Now don’t get me wrong, their social media marketing is on point – I mean, seriously you got a past Bachelor contestant (in addition to what feels like the 100’s of bachelorettes that already advertise the box) to be plugging the box on instagram?  I love when people collaborate with brands they love, enjoy and really want to promote – I think that’s totally fair game, and why not if you can.  But what’s he getting out it? Nothing but cash unfortunately.

It’s not so much the choice of influencers which has caused strain in our relationship, but the fact that all of these people start unveiling or “unboxing” as they like to say, a good month before us paying customers get it.  Ruining what I had loved the most about subscription boxes, the SURPRISE.

I was very very close to turning my back on this relationship and walking away, but then the summer box arrived before an influx of influencers could ruin it for me (or did I just unfollow the majority of past bachelor/bachelorette contestants?).  And for the first time in a long time, I felt like they really stepped up their game, I’m actually impressed.

If you are thinking about getting a subscription box, this is arguably one of the best out there.  Here’s what you need to know, and a reveal of everything in this year’s 2018 Summer box.

SPOILERS ALERT:  If you are waiting for the FFF Summer box, and don’t already know what’s in it, divert your eyes and click away – and maybe dont go on instagram for the month or so…

The details

You can subscribe to the seasonal box for only $49.99 a box.  For that you get over $200 worth of products, all full sized, relating to Beauty, Wellness, Fitness and Fashion.

This season, the FFF team prioritized sending boxes to subscription members first – and early in the season.  Meaning, the chances of you seeing all the products, and losing any chance of excitement was low.

What’s in the 2018 Summer box

  • Summer & Rose Beach Towel $55 – This was a choice between a Make up case, and towel – my apartment building has a pool, and with last season being all about the round towel, needed a new bright rectangle, haha!
  • Tarte Tartiest PRO to go palette & Sex kitten liquid liner $43  – Another choice item, the other was a highlight and contour palette, again from Tarte – quick tip, they allow you to buy the choice for $10, so you can have both if you cant choose. Naturally thats what I did this month, treat yo self. Ps.  The liquid eye liner is a good one – I got it in another box previously and was devastated when i left the lid off and it dried up.
  • Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator $29
  • Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel $39 – this was a welcomed surprise, being someone that tries to work out consistently I can’t wait to use this regularly.
  • Foreo Luna fofo $89 Now this product is completely new to me, I haven’t seen anything like it in the market yet. Its a device powered by bluetooth technology and advanced skin sensors to create a personal profile of your skin. I havent tried it yet, as I recently had a Clear & Brilliant treatment, so looking forward to trying it out once my skin has fully recovered from that.
  • Coola Face Sport SPF 50 $32 – Could this have come at a better time, summer – check, but also with my Clear & Brilliants its vital to keep my face protected from the sun.
  • Per1 Imports Marble Ring Dish $14.99 – This might actually be my favourite addition to the summer box, little yet beautiful, the perfect display on my wooden cabinet for small fine jewelry. 




Personally, I think this is one of their best boxes in a long time.  The Tarte palettes have some beautiful colours that show up really nicely on the skin.  The products are different – FINALLY!  And each and every product that came in the box, including the select products are things I can use and need.   A pet peeve in the past has been to include just another moisturizer, or nail-polish which gets added to the pile. The products in this box, don’t feel cheap either, and that can be a watch out with subscription boxes.  You actually feel like you are getting much more than your moneys worth, and that’s what we all want – why we subscribe!

FFF remains up there, just – as one of my top picks.  I’m currently waiting on FedEx to deliver another summer box (Box of Style – From Rachel Zoe), so will share that one once it arrives!

Love Always, Elise x


Ps. Thank goodness for the Coola Face Sport, because Slip Slap Slop, summer’s here.

Pps. Unless you are an Aussie, that saying may mean nothing to you. Originates from a sun-smart campaign back in Aus – Oh Australia, how I miss you x





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