Flower crowns & fashion anxiety: Coachella vibes


For YEARS I have read the articles, flicked through the photos and stalked Instagram posts of everyone I knew, AND didn’t know going to Coachella.  It’s not my thing, I would say out-loud to try to convince myself.  It wasn’t a distaste for live music, or the fact the event is held in sunny Palm Springs where you spend days by the pool and your nights drinking rosé listening to music. No, that really doesn’t sound magical at all…

It was the thought of having to match up to perfectly put together celebs and social media influencers with a host of labels sending clothes their way. I felt completely inadequate.  Fashion, beauty, accessories, pulling an outfit together:  I dont know what I’m doing. I might pretend that I do, sometimes, but in all honestly most I struggle just to dress myself in the morning.  Thank god my job requires us to “just wear clothes”, now that I can do.

That was until two amazing, intelligent, beautiful women I’m lucky enough to call friends, decided it was a fabulous idea to leave their babies at home and come play in the desert with me for a week (and it was a FABULOUS idea). But it meant facing my own personal and sometimes irrational fears and deep feelings of inadequacies.  I’m sure many of you know the feeling. And although I tired to ignore it, those 10 months between booking tickets and actually going, were spent pondering on what everyone makes out to be the most important question “So, what are you going to wear?”.

What it is ACTUALLY like

For everyone that has ever felt this way, let me share my very first observation upon arriving. Coachella is nothing like what you see on Instagram.  I mean, it is, but it isn’t.  There’s a ferris wheel, and babes in hats sipping on froze, social media influencers and their artsy friends taking the perfect “not posed” picture for the gram, and of course Beyonce killing it with Jay Z and Destiny’s child on stage (Oooh Maaaa Gawwdd) but mostly it’s just a bunch of music loving humans that are there for that exact reason.

There are hundreds of cool photo ops to get swept up in, but all in all 95% of the people I saw likely did not care whether their boots were the right shade of tan to match their shoulder bag, or whether tassels are still in.  It was mostly comfort over style with denim shorts, flats and singlet tops.  And who is to say that isn’t stylish anyway?! How come I never saw this on Instagram? I would have been here sooner.  I might have been able ignored that voice in my head telling me I couldn’t possibly look any good, or it would never be good enough.. It doesn’t even matter.

In terms of the overall event, I’m in awe at the organisational feat that is Coachella.  Everything is planned, from the buses taking you to and from the event, to the multiple areas with food and drinks, and lockers on site. WOW, just wow.  Oh and the Kendall Jenner sighting if you’re lucky.  If you are into live music and warm nights, Coachella is definitely worth it.


All that being said, of course I stressed over my outfits and tried to put something together which I would feel good in.  Although one happened to be picked the morning of (thank goodness I’m a serious over-packer), and another was purchased just days before. So for those interested..

  • Day one: Australian designer Ixiah, the Outlaw skirt with matching bandeau.
  • Day two: Blue life wrap top and matching shorts from Revolve
  • Day three: Sheike floral playsuit

Hot tip: If you can spare the extra change, go VIP.  Having never been to Coachella, I had no idea what it was going to be like. VIP gives you access to sectioned off areas, more food and drink stalls, grassed space to the side of the main stage, where you can dance the night away with your girlfriends AND most importantly shorter food and drink lines (5-10 minutes versus the 45 minute wait times for a burger and beer).  You want to be the friend smuggling rosé out to your friends in GA in water bottles, not the other way around…  You’re welcome, Mark.

Love Always, Elise x

Ps. To every woman that came up to me to tell me I looked great, thank you – you have no idea how much of a confidence boost it was.  YOU made my day x 

Pps.  Wear sunscreen. It’s hot.



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